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Hi, I'm Gary, and that's my wife Jana. We believe you deserve the tools and help to guide you on the right path forward. We understand your problems because we have faced many of them and navigated through them. You can trust us because we have over 20 years of proven efforts in vitality. We would love to connect with you for revitalization and renewal.


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What can you expect from CVN?

The Church Vitality Network encourages you to learn and lead vitality in your church and context. No matter which routes you take, coaching, consulting, cohorts to classes, you can count on three things:

A Plan Forward

Every plan is customized to fit your context and needs. We will help you get started and give you the steps to implement for the future.

Creativity and Encouragement

Ministry can feel lonely at times and sometimes you get stuck because you don't have a place to be heard.


Sessions can be personalized to fit your ministry needs and current leadership. Every context is different, and every church needs different parts of renewal.



Our most popular plan

  • 1-month coaching calls
  • Access to today's leaders
  • Vitality focus
  • Access to growth
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Free only takes you so far. Investment in yourself takes you and the church you're leading the furthest. 

Dr. Thom Rainer, Church Answers, Former CEO of Lifeway

“Gary Moritz is a role model for church revitalization. He has proven himself as both a pastor and consultant to help move churches forward.”

Jonathan Falwell, Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church
“Gary Moritz is one of the great voices in our country on taking the church from where it’s been to where God wants it to be. His experience, his love for the church, his love for the Gospel, and his love for people have all led him to be a key leader in church revitalization today. You definitely need to hear what he has to say.”
Bob Russell, Retired Sr. Pastor of Southeast Christian Church Louisville, Ky.
“Gary Moritz has the educational credentials and the practical experience that uniquely qualify him to address this subject.  He has helped breathe new life into the City United Church in Worcester County, Mass. for the past six years and has fresh ideas for revitalizing the small to medium-sized church and encouraging its pastor. He can coach you in bringing your church from flatline to lifeline.”
John Block

"The practical help and assessments have helped my church to move ahead and continue to press on"

Dr. Sam Rainer, President of Chruch Answers
“Gary has the practical experience and the depth of knowledge needed to help churches through the process of revitalization. His consulting and coaching are done with care and passion. I always enjoy working with Gary, and I know you will too.”
Dr. Elmer Towns, Co-Founder, Liberty University
“God has used Gary Moritz to turn around City United Church to gain the respect of the community and grow again to reach people for Christ.  God has blessed him because of his consistent Christian testimony, faithful teaching of God’s Word, commitment to the Great Commission, and heart for the local church.”

Revitalization can be Healthy and Enjoyable


Churches across America need vitality and you can learn the tactical strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal. Check out our book Carry On to help you begin your process forward.

Carry On Foundation Book

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A Revitalized Church: City United Church  

Each week, Gary delivers weekly practical messages at City United Church. A Church that was in decline and now back to incline. Check out the different collections that can help you and your church. Here you will find sermon notes, topics, and relevant materials that can be used for your church. All we ask is that you let us know and understand that all content and media are copywritten and can be used with written permission from the author.  City United Church