"In Carry On, you do not merely have someone reporting to you the theories of church revitalization, you have someone who has led it and lived it, tactic by tactic."

Thom Rainer

What others are saying about the book

 “In his new book, Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal, Dr. Gary Moritz provides proven and practical insights with a strategic approach that will help bring new life to your church. Carry On not only brings you a grassroots level field guide, but it will also help you think and grow personally as a leader.”

Dan Reiland, Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, GA

“I have been a church consultant for a number of years, and I’ve read a lot of books on church revitalization. This book, though, is unique. If you’re a church leader with a military background, you’ll enjoy the military illustrations. If you’ve read revitalization books that are primarily theoretical, you’ll like this book’s practicality. If you need helpful, workable steps along the path of revitalization, you will learn much in its simplicity and clarity. It will be a go-to book for me when I need encouragement and guidance in church revitalization and renewal.”

Chuck Lawless, Dean of Doctoral Studies and Vice President of Spiritual Formation, Southeastern Seminary; President of www.lawlessgroup.com

 “You will never pastor the perfect church, but you can pastor a healthy church. Carry On provides both the encouragement and practical insight that will lead to church health.”

Gabriel Etzel, DMin, Ph.D
Online Dean Professor Christian Leadership John W. Rawlings School of Divinity

"In Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal, the authors seek to help struggling congregations understand an option that they may have overlooked previously. It is an option that will often bring about renewed hope for restoring the vibrant ministry of the declining and dying neighborhood church.  This book was written to engage the church revitalizer in the process of thinking about and planning for church revitalization and how it will impact their life.”

Tom Cheyney, Founder & Directional Leader Renovate National Church Revitalization Conferences

The Renovate Group Author of Your First 120 Days in Church Revitalization and Renewal

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